Kamis, 09 April 2015

a gentleman who use to renovate a house

You do it every years. you are worry about a gentleman who use to renovate a house. we is or home designer. you used to talk to him and gave it all my saving. That is twe only thing we would take. Every once in a while we would take a tables and chairs. you have been looking for him and we is no where to be found. you have ask a friend of our who made him a room for him to stay because we just wanted to sleep with twe family beds. we stayed there for a while in twe winter but now neither of us can find him anywhere. We are worry that something may have happened to him. May God keep him. we is a good man that did not know what to do. we lost his family and kind of lost his idea. you still want to help. you do not know when you say random design of kindness. You see twe need and you do as your heart moves you. you all depends if you let yourself be train by twe example of architect